How To Get A Good Appraisal

How To Get A Good Appraisal

So you think that you are smart
And you have the fire
You want to scale great heights
Thats your sole desire

But what impedes your rise to greatness
Is your own attitude
How to improve your damned appraisal
I will tell you dude

So you thought we liked your denim?
and your party shirt?
Dont expect any raise from us
ifwith dress code you flirt

Always wear boring formal clothing
and all the drab hues
clean shaven, black polished boots
will get you all your dues

No chains, no flashy hair style
is the professional mantra
bald head is prohibitted here
its a banned tantra

No smoking, no drinking
no talk of sports
no music, no movies
these spell bad reports

Work or no work doesnt matter
stay for nine hours
be there and be visible
and accolade showers

Always keep a pile of books
and printouts near your comp
It gives you the serious ‘image’
with ratings will you romp

Do carry pen and pad in meets
never mind what you write
remember,pretention is sublime
work has no might

Always talk to your managers
with tech gibberish-full plate
open your mouth and words should flow
jsp,xml, servlet…..

Make a din at wokplace
if your ‘for loop’ has run
keep yourself in high esteem
propoganda is fun

Always look exhausted…
look haggard, beaten and tired
if you are beaming
implies with work you are not wired

Give out loud sighs when we are close
shows the stress on you
it means you are working hard
that how we view

Lap up our droppings
and please us all the way
then you are appraised well
and you make hay

Do whatever you wish all day
beg borrow steal or kill
but at the end of everyday
its timesheet you should fill

Follow these points above by heart
stick to the gun
We are here, your divine savoirs
The S.A.D. in SUN


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One Response to “How To Get A Good Appraisal”

  1. COMMANDO Says:


    nice blog..specially the Idiots wala theme… true our teachers go mostly go by the book… they do not want new ideas… they feel threatened about their authority… if any one arrives at a solution in a different path… I too had many incidents like these with teachers or authorities…

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