I Won’t Go Onsite…………..

I am a frequenter on the various social networks.
Yesterday, I happened to open my friend list which displays the friend’s name and their location.

Pages after pages were people with locations like Richmond, Akron, London, San Jose, NY, Irving, Sydney, Bonn, Cambridgeshire…….
In fact my resident Indian friends are right now a numeric minority.
There are more friends in Texas than in Tamilnadu!

When I joined TCS after my stint at engineering, the first reaction I got from my mates was “You lucky guy, you will be abroad in no time”.
Yet after almost 8 years of work in the sunshine software sector, my passport has no stamps. I have worked in Trivandrum, Kolkata, Delhi NCR and Indore but never out of India.

The interesting part is, when I say this to any of my colleagues that “I have never been onsite”, I get comments that range from hilarious to outrageous, crazy to disgusting, hurtful to astonished. Here is a small assortment:

“Oh you poor thing, try harder the next time and your manager will surely send you abroad”.
“It is not easy, there are many with no capabilities languishing in India and dreaming about it. You need to put your act together.”
“This is unbelievable….are you telling the truth?”
“Threaten your manager with resignation and ask him/her that only way you stay back is if they send you out.”

Then of course there is the “uncle” kinds; you know the landlords, your fathers’ friends etc – I mean the kind with grey hairs and therefore the bearers of profound wisdom who feel the moral obligation to enthusiastically hard sell their advice to you irrespective of the fact the you have no need for them. They give you even better reactions:
“You know my son ABC, the moment he joined the company XYZ, they realized his potential and he was beseeched to join the workforce at US. I tell you, these multinationals have an eye for talent.” (Which means, you are a complete idiot and such a loser that no one thinks you have any potential).

Yes, I guess I am definitely a loser. Otherwise how do you explain that being in the software business for as long as 8 years, I could never go onsite? Everyone is sure that I regularly have wet dreams of landing at the Heathrow or at JFK with a bag full of rice, dal, papad, pickle, Indian spices, chavanprash etc and a eye full of dreams of getting myself clicked at the Times Square, Niagara Falls, Vegas, Big Ben and put them for public consumption on the social networks.

Social networks are great places for advertising your “oh you know what, I have been there” image with aplomb.
In fact a friend of mine had put a traffic ticket’s scanned image that he had “earned” while driving in Nevada! Beat this for creativity.

At workplace I see so many colleagues squabbling regularly for the coveted onsite posting. Political plottings, cajoling managers, dire threatening, massaging client’s egos, citing amazing and sometimes jaw dropping excuses to earn the prized ticket seems a way of life. Some of the really amazing but true excuses are:

The beseeching the manager kind: “I have a huge loan owing to my sister’s marriage; I need to make some bucks.”
The threatening kind: “I have worked in this project for 2 years; I think it should be me this time or release me.”
The jaw dropping kind: “I am finding marriage proposals turned down for my lack of onsite experience, so……”

So, what is this collective mania of going onsite/abroad which grips almost everyone at our workplaces? Why is it so that going abroad is an “objective” that has to be achieved, rather than it being a natural by product of working in the globalized environs?

I believe, we have this incredible racial notion of considering the fair skinned world a better place which may have been implanted generations before as a result of the indelible hangover of colonial slavery and later on passed on to us. That’s why I see people eager to travel to US, Europe and Australia (all fair skinned worlds) whereas very little interest is available in travelling to say Brazil (which is far ahead of India but of course not as much as say Belgium). Trips to Africa are certainly humiliating, akin to a proud bellicose Delhite’s transfer to Chennai.

This inferiority is so deeply ingrained that when I see the pics posted by many of my friends, I always find them with the known circle of Indian friends. Despite being in a macrocosm of cosmopolitan plurality very few of us seem to inculcate the same in their lifestyle. After all, the must achieve “objective” was to land in the white skinned land, not to mix with them or the least adopt the cosmopolitan outlook.

Yes, I have been a loser; been not clever enough that any management would think that without me functioning from the West the company would just fall apart; been a non-cosmopolitan desi who is too scared to go off limits; and now a sure candidate to be labeled a racist after having written such a blog, but whatever may I seem, I simply don’t want to go onsite.

Let’s end this blog with another real life case. I was getting a transfer from TCS Kolkata to TCS Delhi (which is a big deal mind you, because of the geopolitics). A colleague of mine from TCS Kolkata was onsite. His father met me and gave me an authentic Bengali K C Paul umbrella (FYI, generations in Bengal have shielded themselves from rain using K C Paul’s legendary umbrella) and a sealed tiffin box.
I was supposed to give it to a guy in Delhi who was also supposed to fly to the same location where my friend was. I could never understand the rationale of shipping an umbrella to London (a city where rains are everyday phenomenon) but then I thought may be it was his favorite brand that was not available there. But, guess what was shipped in the sealed tiffin box? His favorite brand of underwear!


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90 Responses to “I Won’t Go Onsite…………..”

  1. Ritesh Anand Says:

    Ladke!!! …… u and loser????? No can be true …….

    Buddy, i wish to be the part of ur esteemed company ( -> as me too has not seen the sunrise/sunset in ‘vilayat’) ….

    Lucky to have *mis*sed to get this (mis)fortune ….. 😛

    Guess, it takes some real iron ‘balls’ to publish an article like this one. Love it!

    Let’s see if this comment crosses the line (of ur Comment moderation). 😉

  2. manasij Says:

    @Ritesh: It has been published. Purely because I beliebe in freedom of expression 🙂 Tu bhi vilayat nahi gaya? shame on you, you loser…..

  3. Roshit Says:

    Hahaha…add to it the fact that people at onsite don’t know cooking, and they start their career as a cook also there…they earn so much to eat jali hui sabji, frozen chapati and what not…I am onsite and I am also doing cooking….

    • Anonymous Says:

      Onsite is only for earning the extra piece to repay your loan. Guys with sound family background who don’t have loan burden pile the whole earning in their bank account and do an MBA. Hardly 1% do real value addition to US knowledge pool. Rest are all either in banks or insurance companies managing some products or business lines

  4. Ritesh Anand Says:

    Oye hoye…..I am phamous now, to have received a comment from the ‘Great One’ 😉

    Nahi Ladke, have not been to Bilaayat. ;-P

    For my super-duper convoluted comments (like this Ladka’s Blog). I bet, i will not be able to make the ABC out of it in a couple of days time, if i manage to stumble on this golden Blog again ……

  5. Sujash Says:

    u rightly said abt a bagful of rice, spices, dal and etc etc.
    I can share one incident here. My 20 yrs exp DM got caught in SFO airport with 10 kgs of rice, 5 kgs of dal and fined 350 usd. hahahahaha………

  6. Abhishek Thakur Says:

    You are a loser. (Spoiler alert: The following comment is referenced from ’95 batch, st xavier’s patna) See Achal Kumar also joined TCS just like you did and now he is in Kopenhagen too.

    But don’t worry. I am keeping your company as well. 😀

  7. Ankur Chandra Says:

    Ek baar mujhe bhi ek Uncle mile jinhone apne ladke k softwarei job ke baare mei kuch aisa bola..”are company ke maalik log uske kaam se itna khush hue ki unhone us se kaha..ki aap ab jaaiye US ka kaam sambhaliye..India ka kaam to hota hi rahega..ab wo US mei company ka kaam sambhal raha hai..”
    On a serious note, we all would agree that going to onsite should be natural extension of your job as IT consultant/contractor/service provider.
    I always wanted to go to onsite. No more now, because I am satisfied with experience so far.
    I don’t agree too much with the racist reasoning of going to specific location. US and Europe actually speaking are best locations to work because of several reasons. One, quality of life is better as compared to other locations. Two, people understand english in general. Three, incidentally, you get more money there most of the time.
    Other point, flaunting is one of the basic nature of people in whatever way they can. Posing with famous buildings etc. is most harmless kind of flaunting which 90% of people in this world do anyways. I have not seen any one who goes to Eifeil Tower or Taj Mahal and comes back without a picture so far. To attack you only for the sake of attacking, I can say that there are different kinds of flaunting. If you write something, I would say you are flaunting your writing style, which obviously is wrong.
    Other point, to want money is not bad thing. Onsite gives money. That’s a truth and people want money, that’s also a truth. Most of us might not want to go to onsite for long term, if they get 3000 dollars per month in India.
    At the end, very nice blog as always. 🙂

  8. manasij Says:

    @Ankur: Thanks for your detailed comments Ankur. I think you may have perceived that I am trying to ridicule the posing at important landmarks kind of pics and posting them on social n/w. If, so then please understand it is because of the flaw in my writing, I need to improve. I was just trying to make a light hearted reference to the behavioral type which lets you post a traffic ticket as your real deed kind of things. I have posted so many pics of so many locations myself, I guess I was not flaunting. So, I am surely not pointing fingers here. I am not against the will of people to earn money or go places. I am not making any judgments. Consider this blog as a buffet, what you do not like, just don’t load your plate with it 🙂 And yes, keep posting your comments. BTW, you gave a killer real life example…..still laughing at it 🙂

  9. Ankur Chandra Says:

    @Manasij: Yeah. Possibly I would have misunderstood on that point. Anyway, you keep writing, I will keep commenting. Good work. 🙂

  10. Arindam Says:

    Good one Manasij. Lot of what you have said is true to my opinion except the racial connotation of visiting vilayat. I liked Ankur’s assessment in the comments section. Well thought out.

  11. manasij Says:

    @Arindam: Thanks for your views Arindam…..We all have our opinions and like I said before, keep them coming….it is always nice to have as many opinions as possible on a subject from your friends 🙂

  12. KR Says:

    For most people, going out of the country is only possible through the company which is why they want ONSITE.
    They have no plans of traveling except maybe for a honeymoon or marriage’s platinum jubilee :p
    Its also a chance to explore strange new worlds and to go where no man has gone before….oops got startrekked
    For me africa,brazil,iceland,NZ hold the same charm (not US…we already know too much about it)

  13. Madhur Says:

    Enjoyed every statement while reading…..keep posting 🙂

  14. kaustubh patil Says:

    just happened to bump on to this post while reading ur adventures of Gharwal cycling trip. I can totally relate to what u have written here. In my career of almost 10 yrs, i have been onsite twice; first time for 1 week and 2nd for 2 weeks and that too in the 8th year of my profession. So I understand when ppl come to you and ask, ‘u never been onsite?'”

    -Nice post btw.

    PS : In my total of 3 weeks stay in London, one thing I understood that one thing you must carry from India is an Umbrella. Its true. 🙂

  15. Priyank Says:

    “Everyone is sure that I regularly have wet dreams of landing at the Heathrow or at JFK …” hilarious!!!!! 🙂

  16. Kunal Says:

    Simply superb!

  17. Abhishek Says:

    Incredible article 🙂 :thumbs up:

  18. manish Says:

    Happened to read your blog , very nice !
    To mention few more facts about this “Onsite” funda ..
    I think .. this virus attacks most when you are in intial phase of your career .. hapnd to me to. I was the last in team when I finally got a chance to fly US .. this feeling superceeded the joy of going onsite… But as time passed and CV had words like .. “Total 6 Years Exp” etc.. travelling onsite doesnot appeal. Until you get a chance I did .. Permanent Onsite position in UK. I opted not because of I want to be among whites etc .. but bcz I had 2 banks creeping n my account and wash away my 60% ofmy salary . Safety ..quality of life .. fun .. child future are among which you think too serously..
    Yah u cant deny parents/neighbours/friends do make your onsite presence a matter of pride/discussion/performance baselne for their kids balh blah …. but ground reality is parents are happy to see kids are happy/ neighbours sometimes feels good as we can be mentors for ther kids …
    Its been 3 years I am here .. nothing changed much except I closed myloans much earlier then I ever thought ..Parents .. especially mom visited Europe .. my kid has got some best facilities since he was born here.
    So mate .. ‘onsite’ is not all about competitiion/pride.. it can be destiny.. need.. fun .. depends on how yu exp tht..!

    • manasij Says:

      Happy that your onsite experience brought you the good things.
      Onsite travel is not only to satisfy the egos and if my blog made you opine that, there is seriously something wrong with my writing 😦
      What amazes me is the fact that going abroad is an ambition which is a MUST fulfill thing.
      In the global environs its is a natural by product of work.
      Have a blast and keep reading 🙂

  19. Ambe M Says:

    Hi mansij…

    Really, I am running outta words to appreciate your proper usage of Right to Expression.

    It was excellent!! Especially when the third parties (uncles, friend’s parents etc) induce the bitterness in us, uplifting their wards. As if they never understand, onsite is one means forgetting people and earn money at the easiest. The KINDs of onsite requisition – ultimate ones. This is how really it works and comparing talents on the basis of flying skills are really rubbish.

    Hilarous, simply superb, awesome… whatever the rating be, its an individual’s cry on the improper Socialization.

    A great applause!!


  20. mukut Says:

    A very interestin read!!!

  21. yogesh.kalyankar@gmail.com Says:

    Hey Buddy,

    Well I am sailing in the same boat as you are. Working in IT for last 9 years yet never left the shores of this country despite the fact that my own brother working in IT has been in US for 4 years and in UK for two. So now who is a bigger loser, you or me …. 🙂

    and trust me I relate to all the things that you have written here.

    And a superb article.

  22. Jamie Says:

    I am ready to go to Brazil.

  23. amit namdeo Says:

    Good one 10 on 10 rating.

  24. sara Says:

    Hi all,

    Nice article and there are so many thigns involved in accepting the onsite opportunity.

    1. Exposure to the environment where u are requested work directly with customers/ clients.

    2. Making the career graph/profile rich since you had the onsite opportunity where u have handled the customers single handed respective of your application.

    3.Earnings at a rate of thrice what u wud probably save here and very mcuh responsibilties to repay the loan at short period what we taken here.(bla bla)

    4.Reputations whcih u will earn when compared to the other participants in the interview while you search for a job in india once you come back.

    5. Difference of opinion is always there for the topic ” going onsite “.

    Questions to readers:

    since i got an opportunity to be there in uk for 2 yrs in comings days what are all the possibilites to get a job in india once i come back. is it possible to search from there itself. as i go in intra company transfer i supposed to resign from here. so i have to search for a job if i want to come back. any clues/replies. am thankful to all of you.

  25. Ninad Says:

    Nice post. Googled my way to your post looking for a similar state of mind 🙂

    i too am following your footsteps. While i have been onsite for a month in my 5 years of experience, i concluded one thing in all these years — The more dumb you are, the longer time you spend onsite. Conversely, the more intelligent you are, no manager here would want to let you go out of his domain. This is rather sad. Now some of my friends onsite would want to oppose this but yes, as always, you win guys 🙂

    …….quite irritatingly, i also came across a colleague in the past who used to take a break every year for his MBA exams here and used to always get rejects. Once the (people) manager asked him what was wrong. This guy blatantly lied saying his grandpa is sick and he needs to go home everytime. The manager released him from the project for a transfer back to Orissa, his native place and once that was done, this guy told the resource manager in TCS that he needs to go onsite. Now he is settled in London, has learnt quite a bit of queen’s english too!

    • manasij Says:

      yeah let there be lots of winners 🙂
      let there be lots of queen’s baton holders…..
      losers of the world unite 😀

  26. iSeek Says:

    hey manasij,

    Good writeup there.. I can totally empathize with you .. Cuz I’m one of the children of the damned too.. Here’s one anecdote – I want to throw it in the mix.

    Before that a the prelude, We had a *gang* back in college like 14 to 15 guys and girls half of them went abroad to study and the rest worked in IT sweatshops and all of them went onsite (yes all of them minus yours truly 🙂 ).

    Some where like a month back I’d been to a friend’s brothers marriage, had a heavy lunch and lazying around in the mantap you know what i’m talking about. Just then my friend’s mother with her friends like around 5 to 6 women whom I’d never ever seen in my life before draped in kanchiverams and with the typical south indian marriage bling walked up to us. Friend’s mom started introducing to all us. I flashed a marriage smile (the plastic one made for attending marriages) at all the ladies.

    Out of the blue. Friend’s mom’s like “all of these peoples have gone to faareen”[sic]. Argh I kinda hid myself in the backdrop and pretended like i was not in the generalization which was just made. “all except in the blue shirt”

    Here comes the bummer one of the lady in the group “why haven’t you gone to foreign ? Look at your friends and learn from them !!!”

    That was one WTF moment !!!

    • manasij Says:

      Yeah, it was indeed a WTF moment.
      I hope you learned from your friends finally 😀

      • iSeek Says:

        Well no actually.. Story is complicated.. even filled out my VISA application. But never went to the VI nor flew from the shores of our country. 🙂

  27. puneet agrawal Says:

    @ Manasji ;– very true………it’s nt easy to get transfer from base branch to desired branch in TCS……… My knee was operated and i am trying to get transfer to TCS Delhi ………… but the RMG (just seems as GOVT. EMPLOYEES) is not going to help me……. now only GOD knows……..about my transfer…….

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Manasji, I have over 7 yrs of experience now and I know people with ordinary degrees and ordinary skills are onsite. So sometimes i feel it is all a matter of luch/chance. I am really frusrated and need to go onsite atleast once. Since i got married recently, these accusations that i haven’t gone onsite even once has only increased. Every marriage i attend or my in-laws take me, I see the couple’s in-laws bragging about onsite et al. I am left blank…..I really need to go onsite but what to do…

  29. akshay Says:

    I too didn’t go onsite becoz i m efficient enought to earn more than onsite money.I have been offered several times but I rejected becoz ppl in onsite living like a slave.They are living like a zoo and not house. They land with full bag of rice and pickle and everyday the main course is rice and pickle for them. ppl who are unable to earn more in India they are massaging their managres and going onsite. So those who are going to onsite its not a achievement they are big loser!!!.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    i just love this blog

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I also had the same experience in TCS

  32. Varun Sankar Says:

    Nice article. Have worked 6 years in IT. Have seen fellow colleagues with lesser experience sent onsite and am left out .Reason being am more experienced to be sent onsite.

    Another explanation which I got fr is that Am too rich that I can spend on my own money for onsite travel, while my colleague is comparatively poorer.

    Thank God reservation isnt enforced in private sector.

  33. R Says:

    good one bro!!

  34. Sridhar Says:

    Nice observations mate…

  35. Mridul Says:

    You have excellent writing skills. Maybe your potential is not in IT after all. I have been based at Onsite for sometime now. Here the situation is interesting. People huddle together in small apartments to save as much money as possible. We drive really cheap cars, they are unfortunately a necessity; not a luxury. Guys discretly sleep with white girls; it’s some kind of an ego boost I guess;and all the while spend time on Indian matrimonial sites. There’s hell lot of politics to get the much coveted ‘Green Card’. It goes on and on. If I may suggest, you should go Onsite once. Maybe you might get a new perspective to write on 🙂

    • manasij Says:


      YOur comment was really hilarious. Two things- first, I am definitely an IT guy to my core and and secondly I am surely never taking an onsite posting ever. I love the chaos here and I am numbed at the prospect of flying for hours together. Someday, I need to recount a few of my long flight experiences- that would be another funny story for sure…..
      Anyway thanks for your comments and thanks for reading my rants…

  36. shweta sharma Says:

    Hi Manasj,

    Above post of yours clearly depicted condition of my heart. I really had suicidal feelings deep in heart when i hear not from other but from blood relatives that ” XYZ Uncle’s son has been to US from past 6 months & now Uncle too is applying for dependent visa to stay with his son” . I don’t have some times words to react . I felt as if i am useless on earth .. sometimes i think why people want to go abroad … why can’t we stay back and make our country a proud place to live… a lot more i wanted to say here ..but some other time … Thanks for posting above topic. I am grateful …….

  37. shweta sharma Says:

    One more thing i want to say here in BOLD ” I HATE CONVERTED PSEUDO AMERICANS “

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Ive got 8 yrs of experience in the IT sector, never been onsite.. Not even come close to an opportunity.. Its the biggest regret in my life.. and gets me sad, upset, angry and depressed.. Thank you for this post.. Makes me feel am not alone..

  39. Vishnu Says:

    Ive got 8 yrs of experience in the IT sector, never been onsite.. Not even come close to an opportunity.. Its the biggest regret in my life.. and gets me sad, upset, angry and depressed.. Thank you for this post.. Makes me feel am not alone..

    • shweta sharma Says:

      Why is it the greatest regret in life for you ? Is going onsite that much of charm ? i too was depressed ( u can read the comment above ) but not because i have never been to onsite(so called better infra structured nation) but only because my near & dear ones who have put into me the feeling of self respect , honesty , view to see life from different angle themselves are being attracted by its charm. That made me feel bad.

  40. Raja Says:

    I’m 3.7 yrs expr.. already startd worrying abu delay in onsite chance. trying to gettin released frm d curr proj (no onsite there). but, my Lead tells to wait till july 1st or drop d ppr and go.. 😦 frustrated..

  41. Jacks Says:

    Great post yaar ! “Onsite” -This is the word on which I have been thinking since I came into IT industry . I have been to atlanta and chicago earlier. When I demanded onsite in my current project ,My manager explained to me – ” What you will do by going to onsite?-You will live like beggar ,travel in metro -this is the prob of current generation -be less ambitious ..blah..blah ….and when I checked his profile …he himself was in Europe for 5 years from infy…….:-)

  42. bla bla Says:

    Good to see the post, me too with 8 Yrs IT exp, no luck yet, not even closer.

  43. Rahul Says:

    i can identify with the feeling,its been 6 years and not even a single time i got the opportunity ,virtually all of my btech frnds and company frnds have been to onsite,i dont know how you deal with you but it does make one feel inferior,

    there is a spring in steps of ppl who come back ,frnds dont behave same anymore ,i spend 3 yrs in a company ,thy kept telling me that ll file a H1 nd in the end i gotta know that they were lying ,

    i actually quit my job in frustration and doing nothing really since 7-8 months,its so fucking depressing ,hats off to u for having such a positive outlook

    i really need to learn some things from u

  44. badri Says:

    Good One. Indeed there are some advantages in going 2 onsite like, 1)good salary ‘hike’ which will not be earned at offshore due to our worst appraisal systems 2) better marriage choices for unmarried kind, 3) fill up FB / Twtr with the pics / news of all ‘phoren’ sites u have seen 4) to have a chance to live in a developed country and live their ‘life’ for a while 5) who can deny the driving pleasure of driving an ‘import’ on the express highways at a speeds of nearly 90 mph.

    However the downsides are like 1)staying away from your family (unmarried kind) 2) missing regular / normal Indian food and eating the stale / frozen stuff for days 3) getting a C band as we will be at onsite and B’s and A’s should go for people at offshore, 4) Missing out on the regular promotion cycles unless your BRM is kind 5) complicated health plans and useless health insurances when you really need them …. I can go on and on

    But if it is really a choice to not to onsite, then it is a better choice than going there and getting really frustrated when you face the unexpected realities there like Racism, ill treatment, prejudice etc.

    Appreciate your effort on sharing light on this side of the tunnel.

  45. bib Says:

    5+ years in testing n no luck yet… 😦

  46. Pranav Shah Says:

    Well……. just read the article. Adding my few bits to this great piece-

    The biggest reason for a person who comes from a humble background for going onsite is making money.
    Lets think about it for a second.. loans are paid faster, cars and houses are paid. Even the third parties flaunt it because the underlying cause is the money which they make in the foreign land (though not in all the cases).

    It adds to your resume if you have an onsite “thappa”, basically you can bargain more from the recruiters compared to those who have never been onsite.

    But are the third parties really a big deal? or is paying the EMIs for some more time a big deal?? i mean i am myself frustrated as this is the second time my visa was processed and 2 days before i get a mail from the big daddy saying “the project is on hold” (indefinitely).
    Not to mention the first time i actually went to the airport (visa+tickets everything was done) and just an hour before the flight big daddy calls and says “project has run into unforeseen financial crises”

    So what that basically means is we are children of a lesser god or something?? i don’t know what that means but it surely is better than going onsite to make a few bucks- drink cheap beer, get satisfied with the per dimes, travel in metros where you will be sometime in your life be discriminated against when the white lady would rather stand than coming and sitting next to you even if that is the only seat vacant (this is a real life example from Germany).

    Just don’t know what that is—

  47. seraj Says:

    You are a great material man…

  48. bineeta Says:

    superb article.. highlights the indian thinking..kudos 🙂

  49. abhishek Says:

    can anybody explain me dat is onsite only available abroad???m jus asking for knowledge..m a student..currently preparing for tcs:)

  50. Frustrated Software Engineer Says:

    Great Article! But its true, that we are losers. I have 5 yrs. of experience and in all these years, verbally recognized by managers for good work but never got a good hike, position and Onsite Opportunity….

    I don’t know what to do and what not to do.Really feeling inferior and unlucky…but life is not so beautiful and we have to adjust.

  51. anoop Says:

    Guys , If any of you have Idea , please let me know…
    How easy is this to get transfer to TCS Lucknow office if you are working in tcs chennai or some other place..?

    I am from lucknow and willing to get transfer to lucknow office of TCS…

  52. sartysam Says:

    actually its the word which has became the over-obsession for IT-services guys.But if you are really in need of serious money to make your own house for your parents to stay,if you have huge loan to pay it out you have to travel to onsite.And if the chances are there to go out , you should take the chance.But who has no problem in their life.Every one wants to make money and wants to make their future secure with huge bank balance.There is nothing wrong in wanting of onsite,but dont be over obsessed with this dream.If you are in good services company(like TCS/Infy/CTS) who files huge visas and if you are in US/Europe account sooner or later you will travel.And its not like that you dont earn money while working here.You are still living a better life than others,imagine the people who don’t have a proper job,no bank bal,but you can assure yourself that yes I and my family can live with it.Yes,u cant buy a Audi but still can mange with i10.anyway onsite people also cant afford Audi ha ha.You go to onsite for 5 years,you have 50L and you will buy a 2 bhk flat at the suburban area.you have lost your 5 years from your family,favorite hobbies,home made dishes,dislike for your country/native place,kids who hate India,no time for your parents,mind always keep in busy with dirty politics and all this for making 1-bhk to 2/3 bhk.I have seen people who cant adjust to indian condition after returning from there and crave to go back.just imagine yourself after 10 years from now on.You dont have anyone,but your family only and this family cant be like your parents family,but a bunch of people busy with their gadgets.no time to fun.You will come back from US,you chose to stay away from your parents or force them to live with you leaving their home which they cant do.now you have evreything ,your future is secure,you can live till 90 ‘coz you have money..but not the lost time.

    you have opportunity ,go there.gain experience ,have some money and come back.Dont think ,if you cant go you are a loser,’coz at the end of 10-15 years,there would be no friends to flaunt these,all would be in a same position(materialistic- a home/car/a good life).And dont rush to earn all money of your life in the starting of your career.If you want to stay in IT,your IT career destined to be more than 20 years and there would be the day you will travel abroad.

    At the end of 5-8 years there would be no FB for you or there would be no friends of yours who has the longing for your abroad experience to be flaunted upon.You would be busy with your family and there would be no guilt from life for sure.

    p.s:this post is intent for those who are in IT services company of india and who are somehow frustated seeing their collegues/frnds travelling abroad from their company.I’m a software engg and I already had this feeling once in my career.but I have had my priorities set,let away from those so called frnds(I dnt do FB,I have G+ with very close frnds,linked in).I made up my mind and think myself a winner as I have survived this emotional crisis.I’m happy and more content now.I keep on developing my skills in technology and strive for new things.I have started doing things what I really love to do from childhood and make my wishes to lesser than ever moreover which are only needed.

    I have wrote this in ofc,so there would be grammar mistakes as network is not that fst.

    • Amit Says:


      Even I wish to go to onsite. I have been in IT for almost 7 years. I many times check the flight fares for New York, London.I dream that one day I will be flying out of India but it has been a dream till now.Even I feel I am a loser.

  53. Madhan Says:

    @sartysam: Thanks buddy, your advice suits me..

    I am 5 years experienced. I started my career in a services company. In just two years of exp in that company, i changed to a well placed products based company, you know products company doesnt send people to foreign land. When I put my papers, my senior manager there tried to convince me luring me with a long term onsite. I decided to deny that and took the offer from that products company, a decision for which I cursed myself a lot till now. Initially, the life at the products company was going good, just until the onsite travels of my friends and cousins started happening. So did their FB updates of their photos posing at the dreamy holiday destinations and picturesque locations of foreign cities. I saw my own friends and cousins with whom i hanged around in college flaunting their trips and showing off how awesome their lives are, while i am stuck in a products company, just left to do nothing other than dropping my jaw..Let me tell you a thing from my case, the emotional crisis is not about money at all. I am currently earning a 6 digit salary in india, the same number my friends earn at onsite. Still i am going through the crisis, inferiority feeling, and monomania for the holy trip to onsite. It is all about peer pressure and emotional longing to keep at par with the life of people once you felt at your own cadre. I go through a highly depressed days whenever one or other of my friends occasionally call me and inform that he is travelling so-and-so country next month. I couldnt tolerate the suspecting eyes of the uncle-types and relatives when i explain them technically why i am not able to make an onsite trip.. My problem is that I am unable to take the decision of going to a services company to fulfill my onsite dream, where salary, work and work culture are less better than my current ones. I am stuck in between my inability of making decision to go to a services company and dreams of onsite. I dont know what to do.. Sometimes i feel foolish of myself for lamenting over a silly onsite travel despite of a good life God blessed me and start feeling content. But, it is not the brain always wins, again and again i succumb to the emotional crisis. I am seriously thinking of going to a counselling now. I dont know how pathetic i sound to a wiser person. Call me an idiot, but this is my state.. I would start enjoying my life by either going abroad or i becoming wiser..

    • Anonymous Says:

      State of mind Bro.. !! Hang in there..
      Go out for hoidays with ur family.. spend quality time with ur closed ones than on ur codes..!!
      You have a great life.. dont let others ideas spoil it for ya.. !!
      Take care..
      CHEERS.. !!

  54. Saty Says:

    This blog holds good ..even in 2013. Wonderful write up.

    Onsite is the ‘shortcut’ to ‘success’ for todays IT friends. I’m 8 yrs in a product company and yes defenitely went through these feelings ..”its the same society ..even im living with” 🙂

    Onsite has its own pros and cons …but its too hyped .

  55. Vinay Says:

    I have 3+ years of experience and no onsite opportunities yet. I see dumb ppl from other project with less experience getting these opportunites.

    I am afraid that I am also going to end up writing an article like you. 😛

  56. Amit Says:


    Anybody there to respond on this..

  57. Anonymous Says:

    awwww poor IT people (me also)… they feel themselves unlucky or frustrated from der jobs if they not get chance to visit onsite .. but this is really a awesome article dude…. 🙂 love the way u xplain the indian sick mentality and 3rd party lolxxx that is awesome 🙂

  58. Kumar Says:

    Realistic and hilarious…. :D….. 2014 approaching and this post is still relevant to current IT and Social culture. But, can anyone escape? Non-IT people dont earn as IT fellows, n onsite people earn quick n fat bucks than offshore peers…. sometimes we regret of being into IT,but do we have any other better choice…?

  59. aanand Says:

    i am also sailing in the same boat. i have 6 years of experience in generic Java based technologies. I believe generally in IT companies; slots for onsite has reduced drastically primarily due to:

    a) Slowing of developed western economies and their stagnant domestic consumption.
    b) Political constraints like Visa rejections.

    I guess everyone is aware of this and has to factor in these factors while charting out their career. However during last 1-2 years i have noticed the salary in India has increased and companies like ( Captive Investment Banks, MNCs) are shelling out more in the range of (2* years of exp). This can put little ointment on hurt . We can use this to make more buck here at offshore.

  60. Harry Says:

    Trips to Africa are certainly humiliating, akin to a proud bellicose Delhite’s transfer to Chennai.

    haha 😀 dude you got me there. That was me few months back. Chennai is good, even much peaceful than delhi

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Its only in India, people flaunt too much about onsite. Don’t know why. I am in London currently for my work for short trip, then also I am missing my family, my home, my car. What is there onsite, apart from some more money ? It is just too much hyped, to showcase, mentality in India is very poor, which reflects in our current day politicians also.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    hilarious and fact of today’s IT Engineer life.

  63. sachin Says:

    I am here at onsite, but I dont feel anything new….rather i think i have made mistake by coming here….
    I am missing my friends, family and india.

    Really I never even thought of it.
    I will say stay there in india, atleast you will get bajji pav, vada pav….and chay on tapari….

  64. Anonumous Says:

    Article is too good, I too have faced this in my career life and its been 4+ years current company is making me fool for VISA, finally had to exit . Now I have offer for product based company which is paying high but still left with that aspiration of going onsite 😦
    any suggestions? Is it better to Join product based ( no onsite) or search for some service based ( for onsite)?

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Nice one!!!

  66. Why_leave_India Says:

    Hi Dear
    Thoughts well expressed in words.

    We (including wife) too some times some way believe to fit in your loosers category. After graduating from premier Engineering college took up core jobs instead of SW. Then resigned to take up MBA again from premier ones. Now at our early 30’s, both settled with sarkari naukri at home state capital. Every fortnight wife would show me her friends showcasing their onsite happy moments in social website and would feel sad. I would have a tough time persuading her that she is better off by asking her to compare the easy life, plenty of time available at her disposal to paint, sing, read, sleep, visit family friends, enjoy cheap local food, with her friends’ artificial smile in the photo despite the daily unfair treatment she receives in a foreign state. My tromp card is her kid can group up with its grand parents, uncle, aunts.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    I’m in the same situation bro. Left the mnc and joined a startup. Enjoying life now. Hell lotta things to do like freelance and teaching. I feel I am doing better here. 🙂

  68. Suman Sagar Says:

    Well done brother… i am onsite though, only because of requirement and nothing else…. but the part you talk about people taking dal , rice pickle chavan parash is fucking hilarious… i am working on a blog where i get to explain what these fellows actually do at onsite… i know its not a new topic… but hell let me blow off some steam anyway… once again…. well done…!

  69. watsup Says:

    I doubt this as a real time experience or just a blog? I really doubt that you dint get a chance to go onsite

  70. watsup Says:

    I doubt this is a just a blog or your real life experience….I really doubt that you dint get a chance to go onsite

  71. Anonymous Says:

    Going onsite or staying at offshore sometime depends on personal priorities also. My priority always was to get a job with good salary near my home (Delhi/NCR) instead going onsite. Even I rejected an offer from the company, though they were giving long term onsite assignment but not ready to give Delhi/NCR as base location. I have been at onsite at different locations but still feel staying with family and earning well is always better then onsite.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    haha.. it is so true! I am onsite for last 4 yrs but not a single day that I don’t miss my place, people etc. Onsite and all is bakwas hain.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    So Manas Ji ….. what is your current situation now ?

  74. sweta Says:

    Hi frnds .. My quiry is dat can i refuse my US long term onsite proposal after amendment ? Means at last moment of processing..

  75. Gunjan Says:

    My comments below may be a little off the mark.Readers are tne best judge

    I am a software engineer with around a decade of experience with decent well known product based companies.I have never been abroad and neither do I want to. Today you can get a good amount of money working for those companies in India. Foreign travel is not a necessity for me in any way. Money and a comfortable life with family and near and dear ones is what matters for me most .And believe me , if you are in product based companies there are many who wont exactly wont like to go abroad . Some wont go because companies dont give you that much of per day amount to spend as they used to do may be 7-10 years back.Some wont go because of they have issues with food habits and so on…and of course some wont because they are happily married with kids and wont like to move.

    These notions of “graduate from IIT/top-notch-companies” , “What a campus Infosys has in Mysore..awesome” , “I was in US for a long time…awesome place”…are all hyped these people dont even know what they are talking about. These people forget that they can be equally comfortable in India and enjoy the company of their families.They forget that there are aged people in their house who will need their support from time to time.

    No,foreign travel is a thing of past.I agree with the blog writer that its still taken as a cool status symbol by some people who think IT industry means “Starting from a Infosys training in their Mysore campus and moving to US and settling there” (Infosys is a crap company,their Mysore campus is a showoff without paying properly to their employees and staying in US is no big deal.If you have money you can also move to US).

    Thanks for such a nice blog.Get a good education , try to use your brains without thinking about which college you are from , get a good job in India , settle down , have a nice loving family and enjoy your life.Dont get drawn to these “foreign travel stuff” 🙂


  76. Anonymous Says:


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