Why I MUST do the TFN 2010?

TFN: India's biggest and best biking event


In a month’s time the registrations for the TFN 2010 opens.

How will it be?

I guess it would be very much like the 90th day before the Diwali festival when all tickets from Delhi to North Indian cities officially go on advance bookings and gets filled up in an hour’s time at all the Indian Railways’ reservation counters across India.

You can hardly blame people for that. After all, after a back breaking work year who would not want to spend the biggest festival with their family?

Quite the same way, the Tour of Nilgiris (popularly the TFN) has the same status in the Indian Cyclists’ circuit as the Tour de France has for world bikers and Diwali has for the migrant laborers!

Yes, there is Himachal MTB, there is Sikkim MTB (sorry no weblinks available- the official site has been hacked!)  and there are numerous fabulous rides in Ladakh and the Northeast, but when it comes to sheer scale of enthusiasm, the glitz and glam quotient, the numerical mass of number of eyeballs, the TFN is the leader.

Last year I missed out on doing TFN though I did my most memorable bike tour of Manali-Leh-Khardung La sector but this year I am ready to make amends. I am doing the TFN 2010 no matter what. Wanna know why? Well here are my reasons.

Reason#1: The Ride Beautiful and the Ride Epic

TFN: Ride through the beautiful Ooty roads

900+ km, 8 days, lots of hills and a transect through the lush green South India, that is in a nutshell what TFN offers!

You ride through the beautiful blue Nilgiri mountains through 3 states each with its own distinct and unmistakable regional flavor…..

You average more than a 100 km each day, day after day, till you do the full 900 km on the saddle. You brave the climbs, the rutted trails, the winds, the mist, the cold and sometimes an occasional tusker too!

So, if you are up for an epic ride, you should be visiting the TFN home page on June 1 2010 to sign up!

Like I said, I will be there for it really promises to be the ride beautiful and the ride epic!

Reason#2: Where Else Would You Find These dudes?

TFN: You would meet with some great bikers and people full of zest for life

Take a peek at the participants of the TFN last year and you would be amazed to see the diversity. Diversity in ethnicity, in profession, in age but united by passion-Biking!

Your shoulder rubs would range from the corporate honchos, to the geeks and the techies, to the wannabe Armstrongs and you would share the space, the banter, the chit chat, the disappointments and accomplishments with the likeminded affable fellows for a good 8 days.

Zest for life is an infectious disease and TFN promises a real pandemic! Don’t miss it for where else would you find these dudes?

So if you are a biker and fancy yourself doing a great ride in India with some of the most amazing folks, you should be looking forward to doing the TFN 2010.

What good being a F1 driver if you haven’t driven the Monaco Grand Prix?

What good being a footballer if you haven’t played at Wembley?

What good being a tennis player of you haven’t played at the Wimbledon?

What good being a biker if you haven’t done the Tour of Nilgiris?

Now I guess you know, why I MUST do TFN 2010.

[ Photo Credits: http://blog.malvikajain.com ]

Manasij Ganguli




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10 Responses to “Why I MUST do the TFN 2010?”

  1. Abhi Says:

    Would be great to have you on the TFN mate! Get ready, 2010 is very promising!

  2. Saibal Chatterjee Says:

    Mate….If am lucky to get in, well ride the TFN together. See you there brov!!!Saibal

  3. Anagha Says:

    Looks awesome..
    will try and make it!!!

  4. Malvika Jain Says:

    i think you should credit the photographers. Also, you seem to have used the same photos as i have on my blog.

    • manasij Says:

      Hi Malvika,

      Yes, I have used the pics that are in your blog.
      And I have mentioned it clearly (as in Photo Credit: http://blog.malvikajain.com mentioned at the end of the blog)
      In case you have any objections to it, please do let me know and I shall have them removed along with the Photo Credit section 🙂
      Don’t want to be sued in a court and lose all my money…LOL


  5. Vinni Says:

    Good Luck Mate, Cycling in the Nilgiris is all about enjoy the atmosphere.

  6. Vinni Says:

    I mean Enjoying the Atmosphere 🙂

  7. umesh derebail Says:

    Hello guys, it is one of the extreme adventure driving 2000 plus kms in 34 hours. I believe you people were real lucky, got to keep this in mind if one finds steering vibrating, that seems to be a scuttle clue. Was it tubeless tyre. God is gr8…..you all lived to share your experience.

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