TFN 2010: It is About the Bikes and the Numbers

What it promises to be: A photograph from TFN recce (courtesy Rajesh Nair)


45, 3, 100, 40, 8, 2.5, 1!

By the time you start thinking that you have landed on a page of a mad mathematician going to bowl you over with his silly mindless rants on some bi-quadratic, sinusoidal, esoterically cynic number series, let me set the numbers with some description to create a meaningful context.

So, here it is…

45 million revolutions…

3 million calories…

100 Homo sapiens…

40 ascents and descents of Mount Everest…

8 days…

2.5 times around the globe…

1 ride!

Yeah, I agree it is an odd countdown. Lacks the drama. Totally boring! Right?

But then when you factor in that we are talking about the most anticipated and celebrated biking event of India, the numbers start to fall in place and make sense.

The TFN 2010: India's most awaited and cherished biking tour


Yes, the Tour of Nilgiris is just 7 weeks from now. And hell yes, it is about the bikes and the numbers!

In 7 weeks’ time 100 cyclists from all over the country are going to reach Bangalore to ride for 8 days through the lush green Nilgiri mountains doing a total of 90,000 km (that’s 2.5 times around the globe!), burning 3 million calories in the process (that is the equivalent of keeping a light bulb switched on for 15 days!), climbing 350 km (40 climbs up the Mount Everest!) in some 45 million turns of their wheels – all in the name of one ride: the TFN 2010.

There are no rules what is allowed and what is not as long as it is self-powered and on two wheels. So, expect MTBs to ride alongside super specialized road bikes, hybrids, bamboo framed bikes and what not. It will be a great bike show at the same time being a great bike tour!

So, how does the ride look like? Thanks to Google Earth and the recce details, I was able to piece together a simple route profile. Here is what these 100 guys planning to do. Yeah guys, you saw it first here :-). Take the days marked in red with a pinch of salt, as the organizers are tight lipped about the days’ route- so expect some real drama!

Click on the picture to see the full sized image.

TFN 2010: Distance - Elevation Profile. 900 km riding in 8 days with 3500 meter of ascent and descent- It is a blockbuster!

A look at the rider community is also interesting. It comprises software engineers, lawyers, doctors, ad-world guys, big corporate honchos, self employed, unemployed, students, teachers, businessmen and even scuba divers! The same is true for the volunteers who are making this wonderful event a reality.

And they come from every possible parts of the country, even from Andaman! No, I do not think the TFN guys were trying for a national integration of some sorts, but inadvertently that’s what it is going to be – a perfect symbol if India’s amazing diversity.

Yes, I am also going to be riding this time. And I am going to blog about it. For past two years, the bike has given me some amazing memories and touched my life to some fabulous places in the country. The charming outdoors of this wonderfully diverse country is a goldmine to excavate through- on a bike. You are just fast enough to see it all, slow enough to observe it in details. Nothing beats the serendipity of laboring up a hill and passing through a sleepy village teashop and hearing the boiling tea and smelling its aroma and making an impulsive stop! You just cannot fathom it unless you have biked!

I have done a few multi-day cycling events and put a few blogs around them. Latest was my stint at the world’s highest ultra-marathon blog from Ladakh this year and my own cycling sojourn from Manali to Leh and then to the world’s highest road the KhardungLa pass, last year. I am sure this time it will be fun to report!

So, check out this space from Dec 15th to Dec 25th for daily dosage of what happened at India’s most cherished bike tour. Yes riding and writing do not mix. So, I will be careful not to write when I ride. And it will be fun to write for it is all about the bike, the amazing folks, the great enchanting Nilgiris and above all India’s most cherished bike tour- the TFN 2010.


Manasij Ganguli


Yours Truly- in close up..........


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9 Responses to “TFN 2010: It is About the Bikes and the Numbers”

  1. martinsillo Says:

    seems like an amazing ride!…already waiting your ride report!…from the pics on the flickr TFN account, it seems a little “roadish” ride…put some semi-slicks on the 4300!

    (from the mtbr forums)

    • manasij Says:

      yeah, it is indeed a road event.
      i will keep that semi-slicks option in mind.
      it was pleasant to see your comment though i had not put the blog link in the MTBR forum 🙂

  2. Balu Says:

    Hi Manasij,

    I have been following your blogs (through BBC) for quite some time..
    TFN10 Nicely writen..
    I was bit late in registering so, will try it next time.
    Well all the best from your TFN10, Happy riding 🙂


  3. Ajay Jaiman Says:

    keep writing and keep the riding for the next year. have fun!

    • manasij Says:

      well if the knee gets better, this year might still see some riding…..
      i still have to do that forgotten castle trip with PYs 🙂

  4. Sangfroid Says:

    Congratulations on winning.
    I’m sure you’ll do a good job.

    All the best!

    • manasij Says:

      thanks mate…..
      have seen your blogs on TFN last year.
      really refreshing 🙂
      would speak to you later to exchange some notes with you abt the event and how you did the job though!

  5. tuffy Says:

    hello ,
    gr8 article dude …. keep your good work

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