BSA TFN 2010: The 100 Lunatics!

The Official Blogger is a heavy tag.

It is supposed to be the guy/gal who does have all the information about the event and can produce it best in writing so that the event is covered fully and no details are missed.

Makes me nervous and makes my palms sweaty a bit.

All these days, my cycling blogs have been about me doing a trip and a simple casual write up of those. If I missed something- no big deal- nobody would complain.

Now, it is a different story.

Now there are 100 other protagonists on their bikes!

These 100 folks are planning to cycle some 900 km in 8 days through the beautiful South India for the biggest and the most coveted cycling event of India, The BSA Tour of Nilgiris.

TFN 2010: Distance - Elevation Profile. 900 km riding in 8 days with 3500 meter of ascent and descent- It is a blockbuster!

One look at the altitude distance profile looks pretty scary and challenging anyway. This is what these folks are up against. Yeah, it may not have the refinements of the GPS coordinates, but it is the closest approximation of what to expect in the tour as far as terrain is concerned. The final recce is on and the final route profile would be up soon.

It would be an amazing challenge to do this pedal powered. These riders must be lunatics! So, I thought to dig a little deeper and find out who are these mad men/women who want to do something like this?

So, I did a bit of earth shattering data interpretation on the participants to find some more about their backgrounds.

Well no prizes to guess, it is still a male dominated event with 90% men and 10% women making up the pedaling contingent. But it is heartening to see the women coming out on the bikes and push the boundaries. Way to go girls!

It is interesting that the average age of the riders is around 37 years. This tells us that it is an event for the people who have started to ask more from life. These are educated, smart people who see the world as a playground of challenges and they are out to surmount those barriers. The youngest rider is 23 and the oldest is 60! After all youth was never measured by number of springs and autumn you have seen, it is measured by how much spirited you are.

Now, that tells you that these 100 lunatics are mavericks in their own way. Mostly employed with great brands and many of them are self-starters and entrepreneurs. The “Others” are the exotic breeds that range from yoga instructors to scuba divers (beat that for a profession!). It is sure that the company would be of great fun loving folks!

A large participation from South Indian states confirms South India as the capital of Indian Cycling movement. A few folks partaking from out of India also give it an international angle and I am sure in years to come the riders’ location distribution is going to get much more scattered than the one here. Rooting for a rider from Antarctica in next 3 years, anyone betting?

And finally, the most interesting of all- the distribution of bikes! It appears a Road Bike dominated event closely followed by the MTBs and some Hybrids also peeping their necks.

All right, so now we know how the ride is going to look like from the terrain’s perspective and also we know what kind of folks we might encounter. Looks like a lot of fun is in the offing!

Thankfully a lot of folks have found it worthwhile to support the BSA Tour of Nilgiris. The title sponsors BSA, the healthcare partners Himalaya (who will also be providing ambulance support), Magazine Partner Outlook Traveller, Travel partner getoff your ass (what a kick-ass name!), Radio Partner Red FM 93.5, Design Partners netbrahma, Print Partner printo, PR partner Galvanize, Online Content Partner MetroMonkey.

The BSA Tour of Nilgiris is supported by the most amazing footrace on planet earth “La Ultra – The High”, a 222 km ultra marathon through the high arid cold desert of ladakh (the highest ultra in the world!). I had the privilege to cover the 1st edition of this wonderful event as a blogger  in July this year. Read the blog here.

In all, it promises to be a great event. With the support of so many fabulous people and organizations, it is headed for a great ride. I will be with the riders covering their great feat at all times. If you are riding, you should spread the word. Tweet about it, post on social networks- let people know who are you biking with, let your friends and family know what are you doing.

If you are not riding (too bad you are missing a lot of fun mate), follow BSA-TFN through my blog or through Neeta’s camera lens (she is the official photographer mind you!).

The stage is set for the BSA Tour of Nilgiris 2010 edition to embark on a great journey. A journey through the beautiful blue Nilgiri Mountains of South India with a crazy-funloving-maverick bunch of 100 lunatics!

-Manasij Ganguli


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12 Responses to “BSA TFN 2010: The 100 Lunatics!”

  1. Sindhu Says:

    Hi Manasij,

    Well written. Can you also write about Charity Rider concept introduced in this edition and the 4 Charity Riders who have each selected a NGO and set a target of Rs 100000. Some details on each of them on the tfn site.
    We also have 1 charity rider slot still open!

  2. malvika jain Says:

    good stuff. i hope your blogs keep informing us of stats and stuff we won’t gather just by riding. like avg. age and highlights. looking fwd to more 🙂

    • manasij Says:

      Thanks Malvika….
      Now that I can not ride (damn that busted knee) I would make some amends with my writing 🙂

  3. vibhaker Says:

    Hi Manasji,
    Very interesting reading and liked the way you have written with stastics and pictures. Seems like a well organised ride. Will look forward to more of your blogs as the event unfolds. Good luck.

  4. vibhaker Says:

    Hi Manasji,
    Very interesting reading and liked the way you have written with stastics and pictures. Seems like a well organised ride. Will look forward to more of your blogs as the event unfolds. Good luck to you and the organisors.

  5. Prem Sagar Says:

    Very interesting analysis!

    Too bad that you aren’t riding with us.. Looking forward to your coverage of TFN!

    • manasij Says:

      Thanks Prem….
      I might just do the Ooty days on the bike if my knee heals up sufficiently by then.
      I am surely going to miss the fun from the saddle though…..
      Hope my writing lives up to the amazing event as a whole.


  6. suhas Says:

    Hello dear
    As an avid reader of your blogs,articles and stories I look forward to the next one covering TFN.Sorry to learn you are not biking with those wonderful people.I wish had been there too.All the best.

  7. BSA TFN 2010: Who is that Girl? « Manasij's Blog Says:

    […] Manasij's Blog Cycling is the most scintillating way to understand your life cycle « BSA TFN 2010: The 100 Lunatics! […]

  8. priyank Says:


    it always feels good coming back to your blog, it’s like meeting an old friend over coffee.

    sad to know that you ‘re facing problem with your knee and will not be riding with the TFN riders. as a regular to your blog, i know how enthusiastic you were having quailified for the TFN.

    anyway, its good that you will be there – in one way or another- and will bring us stories from the Nilgiris.


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