BSA TFN 2010: Who is that Girl?

So, when you think of a typical photo-shoot with an official photographer and the subject, the most typical image that you are likely to conjure up is like this – there is a half balding middle-aged salt and pepper bearded man with the camera playing the photographer’s role and there is a beautiful 20 something damsel playing the subject.


Well, it looks like a volte-face in BSA TFN 2010. The subjects are middle-aged men (mostly men ~90%) and the official photographer is a cute 20 something damsel! If you do want to see the demographics of the riders then click here.

Neeta Shankar: The Official Photographer for BSA-TFN 2010

Meet Neeta Shankar, the official photographer of BSA TFN 2010. On weekdays she is found in her formal attire in her role as a R&D expert for a large corporate, but her character comes alive at the stroke of 6 pm every Friday.

She travels far and wide and mostly alone (yeah that’s an uber-cool independent young woman) in search of new places, new people and new photo opportunities. Like everyone starts from A B Cs to constructing the very first paragraph, she has graduated from a point and shoot camera to her new collection of hi-tech gizmos. I find it funny that she says that the main motivation to pick up the camera was to make sure she records things well to aid her poor memory. Funny what a simple handicap can do to you!

So, here is a list of her equipments. I hope the BSA TFN 2010 officials would allow her excess baggage for our common good!

Camera Cannon 500 D
Lenses Canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6
Canon 50mm f1.8 II
Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro USM
Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5
Tamron 28-200mm f3.8-5.6 LD Asphereical
Accessories Canon 580 EX II Speedlite with Cactus Wireless flash trigger

All right, now where do you see her pictures? Remember the following links and do not forget to check them daily as the tour gets underway from Dec 16th 2010.


What, now you want her mobile number? Come on guys, if you know that please pass it on to me as well!

So all you folks out there stay tuned to her pics.

Guys riding the TFN- do not forget to shave and shower to look good in the pics; Girls riding the TFN- you are anyway beautiful!

-Manasij Ganguli


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16 Responses to “BSA TFN 2010: Who is that Girl?”

  1. maheshv Says:

    Sorry, but nothing spectacular about her photos. 😦
    Her flora / fauna pics are pretty ordinary. Not that I am a great
    photographer, but I have seen better pics. (especially this one – my previous company colleague)

    • manasij Says:


      Thanks for providing the links of your friend’s work and I appreciate your opinion.
      However, isn’t it a little dismissive to rate Neeta’s pics as “nothing spectacular”?
      I mean isn’t this a little subjective to judge which picture is good or bad or whatever?
      She won a real cut throat competition which was open to all, so she is every ounce worth her salt I would imagine.
      I am sure you friend is good and you can ask him/her to be a part of BSA TFN next year through entering the competition.
      Till that time lets admire Neeta and her pics. To me it is a simple appreciative view of the world.


      • maheshv Says:


        I probably agree that I was a bit dismissive in rating Neeta’s pics. Maybe its too early for me to decide, now that I think.
        It is just that I have seen photographs (specially wildlife) from people which
        are nothing less than spectacular. Kalyan varma is very popular
        among folks interested in wildlife.

        Anyways, will wait for the pics that come out of TFN10.

    • Neeta Shankar Says:

      Hi MaheshV,

      Thank you for the feedback. 🙂 Yes, I agree Kalyan Verma is definitely an awesome photographer. I have been a fan of his for some time now. And your friend Niraj is an awesome photographer too. Loved some of his work. Thank you for introducing me to his work.

      To tell you the truth I am not interested in wildlife photography. (And I don’t have the equipment for wildlife photography either). Its just not what I am interested in. My interest lies in documentary-style photography and in shooting people,events etc. Not fair to compare oranges with apples isn’t it?

      All I can say is – with every photograph I take I see that I am improving. And thats all that matters ain’t it? 🙂 My photographs will aim at framing the moments in TFN as they unfold and I assure you I’ll put in my best into it.

      Have a great day!


  2. jidhujose Says:


  3. Ramya Vasisht Says:

    I like Neeta’s work! she has got the photographic eye & more.I am recent fan of her work..follow her updates n clicks on FB.

  4. Varun Says:

    You guys have got yourself a top notch photographer! All the Best to the whole TFN team!

  5. Ashwin Says:

    Grow up dude Mahesh. Dont ever try to compare 2 artists/photographers skills. Everyone is unique in their own way.


  6. Adarsh.C Shetkar Says:

    i Second that Ashwin & Varun…!!

  7. Jeanne Says:

    I think her work is awesome! I added her on flickr so I can follow it.

  8. Karthikeyan B Says:

    I have see Neeta’s photo work.It was a splendid work.
    I am damn sure she is going to rock the TFN tour with her awesome photographs.

    Congratulations Neeta.

    @Manasij, great work.You got a unique style of writing.crisp and simple.

  9. Paromita Says:

    How can I contact you to send you similar stories Manasij?

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