BSA-TFN 2010: Pehchan Kaun? (Identify Yourself)

Few more days and the BSA-TFN 2010 starts from Bangalore on Dec 16th 2010.

There are 100 bikers and 40 odd volunteers making it a colorful group.

Blame me, butcher me, blast me but I am gonna try broad brushstroke-ing the 150 odd people in some categories.

Which one is you?

Speed Junkies


I fly past you kicking dust on your face

For every darned ride is surely a race

Who has the time to look at the trees?

The mist on mountain, the flying bees?

Heart rate, lactic acid threshold and the vo2 max

Wattage of pedaling is paramount, no time to lax

I am out to kill all racers- with some luck

Move all you slow movers, you guys suck

Anthem: Deep Purple-Highway Star

Geek on Bike


I ride hard and I ride long

On the tech front I sail strong

ipad, gps, ipod, camera- yeah gadgets galore

I am hungry for accessories, give me more

Paranoid about the UV ratings of my fab sunglasses

You should take lessons from me – you lads and lasses

Wanna know all the data? bike by my side

Drooling for TFN- see you all at the ride!

Anthem: Pitchshifter- Genius

Leisure Pleasure


Speed or numbers don’t appeal as the feel on bike

I ride nice and easy guys – its the vistas that I like

See the places, meet the people, bask in the sun

Taste the local food and drinks – thats the real fun

I stop every now and then and take a lot of pics

Watch the villagers, see the locals, check out the chicks 😉

I see all the birds, the mountains, the trees and the bees

Racers and number freaks- with due respect- rest in peace!

Anthem: Eagles-Take it Easy

The Last Minute One


Mirror Mirror on the wall….

Am I fit to ride after all?

1000 km with 10km climbs- that sounds tough

Procrastination hurts- I haven’t trained enough

I will be slow while everyone zooms past me

But I will be at the finish line- how slow it be

There is no record to set- so it should not pinch

My attitude will earn me the every f*****g inch!

Anthem: Lakshya- Main Aisa Kyon Hoon?

Support Staff


We are all the jokers in the pack

But we keep the tour on its track

Planning, executing, doing all- come what may

Its more work than the office- that too on holiday!

We carry all the food and drinks and also the toilet rolls

Pause a minute to appreciate the goodness of our souls

All the “getting done things”- we keep a grip

Once you finish the tour- don’t forget to tip!

Anthem: Kraftwerk: We Are The Robots

-Manasij Ganguli


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14 Responses to “BSA-TFN 2010: Pehchan Kaun? (Identify Yourself)”

  1. manasij Says:

    I am in the Support Staff this year. Next year I would be one of the riders for sure!

  2. Devakishor Says:

    Me is in the Support Staff too… riding next year? maybe 🙂

  3. somesh Says:

    Jeet ka mantra hai, take it easy policy 🙂

  4. gayathre rajam Says:

    I am an accessory rider. I don’t ride too hard or too long but am equipped with all the accessories

  5. malvika jain Says:

    roopak is geek cyclist for sure! heh heh

  6. Rohitash Says:

    Leisure Pleasure

  7. Says:

    Hi Manasij,
    It’s good to read your blog, as always. I am on the sixth category – I will ride and get the thrills and get tired by reading your blog!!
    Looking forward to your blogs on TFN………………..

  8. suhas Says:

    all the best.will be with you all thru the TFN blog

  9. What kinda BSA TFNer are you ? [ Official Blogger ] | BSA Tour of Nilgiris Says:

    […] Read on to see the classifications Manasij, our Official Blogger, has arrived at after some serious … […]

  10. rajiv aand Says:

    hi manasij,
    do add another cat exclusively for wannabe tfn-er’s like me who have been following tfn since inception! every year something prevents 2008 – fitness 2009 – budget, 2010 – work pressure!!!
    look forward to following ur blog -its good n gr8
    ps self n yvr vijay are buddy cyclists since 2007

  11. rajiv anand Says:

    the name is anand – just a typo!!

  12. Saibal Chatterjee Says:

    Am big, but am strong,
    With a lot of fat, that’s why I can ride for long,
    Camelback on my back to keep me re-hydrated,
    The glucose in the drink that keeps my energy generated,
    Dynamo on my legs keeps my pace,
    I cycle the way I like and I go places,
    Photos and shots, may count or not,
    It’s the hills I climb that counts a lot,
    Nathula or Darjeeling, I climb with a feeling,
    When am finished I long for a healing,
    Planning my next trip I go mad,
    Google on my PC & pencil on my pad,
    But at the end of the tour what a feeling,
    The tour, that’s over, I keep dreaming.

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