BSA-TFN 2010: Day 4 and 5- The Real Nilgiri Scenic Treat


Boni Gopalan- The Single Speed Champ comes to make a corner with his 1000 watt smile


Yesterday’s pain is tomorrow’s gain- no other saying conveys the spirit of Day 4 and 5 better than this. The Day 4 of BSA-TFN 2010 was the perfect day to bring smiles to the faces of the tired riders who fought the daunting demon of gravity to reach Ooty.

It was a rest day and the riders largely chilled out. Some went to Cunoor, some went hiking and some just lazed under the fleeting clouds in the rolling grasslands. In the evening the riders sang and told stories and made the most of a well earned rest day.

The Day 5 of BSA-TFN 2010 proved to be one of the best ones a cyclist can imagine. Long sweeping downhills, beautiful natural vistas and great food and it all continues for a long 146 km to make it an unforgettable day. It started a little late owing to a short rain spell but the damp start did not come anywhere near dampening the spirit of the riders.

Start of Day 5 in rainy conditions


But the spirits were high!


The speed guns were out as the riders just went for a pure adrenalin rush by taking their bikes for a fly in the downhills. The surface quality of NH 67 was excellent and it was a great opportunity to effortlessly roll under the gravity’s influence and enjoy the nature.

Some of the riders however decided to make it a fast affair. They just whizzed past everything and rushed headlong downhill on their mean machines. It was hard to glimpse them as many of them clocked 70 kmph on the descents! The riders bending at a curve would be the most dramatic snaps of the day.

Downhill...yayyyy!!!! Now lets stretch some legs and clock some serious speeds!


Amrish, the uphill champ. May be he lamented the fact that it was a downhill 😉


At USD 10,000 thats the costliest bike on the tour- Paul the proud owner


Roopak Suri making it a light work on his LiteSpeed


Nitish: An unsung hero. Finished Day 1 as 3rd rider, climbed Ooty with a twisted ankle. Way to go!


Check out the bank angle of the rider....fantastic to watch!


Life @ 70 kmph, faster than motorbikes and cars in turns makes the bikes tracer bullets in downhills

One guy is racing another one is camera facing!


All these shots were taken from the same spot in less than a minute's interval. It was breathtaking to see these guys kill the curves at high speeds.


A word about the natural beauty would be surely fitting here. And, beautiful it was. The green trees, still fresh from the rain, merged with the tea estates and the beautifully contoured grasslands. The sights at the spectacular lake were again at its best. The fog played a great hand at augmenting the beauty. It would all of a sudden engulf a part of the hill and then magically lift off opening the curtains to the distant views. The riders would push the downhills and stop frequently to pose in these surreal natural backdrops. Now you know the mountains punish you on an uphill but reward you with spectacular spellbinding views in the descents. The BSA-TFN delivered that promise with aplomb.

Views of the lake. All smiles today for there is no uphill 😀


The road surface was nice all along making it a dream downhill with excellent views


Magnificent Vistas..... (Credit: Neeta Shankar @


Beautiful clear view of the winding roads of Nilgiri


Now the roads get enveloped by fog making it surreal (Credit: Neeta Shankar @

Tall trees kissing the blue sky in a lush tea estate- what a sight!


Fogged up tea estate...

enjoyable biking experiences through the beautiful Nilgiris


Come to BSA-TFN if you want to be amidst this fascinating natural backdrop


To matters more enjoyable the road was marked by the BSA-TFN marksmen with interesting quotes. These guys work incredibley hard to keep the tour on right tracks. They go out each night at 2 am and cover the whole tour route and make markings on it and also add a dash of humor and sensibility. Great job guys, without you the BSA-TFN would go nowhere!

An excellent example of the BSA-TFN 2010's marksmanship (Credit: Neeta Shankar @


The food was again in the high priority list today. People stopped at many eateries to try out the flavors of Nilgiri Tea. Impromptu stops for egg rolls, paranthas, plum cakes made it an interesting descent from Ooty from gastronomical perspective. Broad smiles and laughter filled the air. That’s what you want to see with an eclectic bunch of people, don’t you?

An impromptu tea stop (Credit: Neeta Shankar @

Vishnu cooking egg roll for TFNers.


Finally, as all good things come to an end, the wonderful downhill ended in Gudalur and a short climb ensued.  However, this part proved to be great for nature lovers as well. Lush tea estates flanked the road and the moderate climb ended up being another high octane scenic treat.

The last leg of the day was also beautiful making it a great day for nature lovers


the great blue sky adds to the drama


going through a beautiful tea estate


Finally the BSA-TFN 2010 entered “God’s Own Country”, Kerala. For next two days it would stay in Kerala. The final section from Devala to Kalpetta was a route hugging a ridge and again had rich vistas. At the end, the whole jamboree of BSA-TFN descended into Kalpetta, a small town in Kerala and ended what was the most amazing scenic platter in the offering to the riders.

The Day 6 of BSA-TFN 2010 promises a superb loop through the beautiful Waynad. Looks like the tour is surely making its marks felt. Stay tuned for another lipsmacking day’s account from the God’s Own Country.


-Manasij Ganguli


A full Bike Salute to BSA-TFN's most scenic day



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8 Responses to “BSA-TFN 2010: Day 4 and 5- The Real Nilgiri Scenic Treat”

  1. Varun Says:

    Pictures telling the story! Great compilation!

  2. Ram Says:


    I have been following TFN through your blog. Excellent write-up. In Tamil, I would say “Kalakkura machi” (Great going, mate).

  3. Ajay Says:

    Hi Manasij, u people inspired me a lot, i would love to go on a similar trip with my friends in Jan after my college placements, i love biking thats the holiday plan, pls help me in giving the details of the entire route, it would be great. Thanks in advance.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Just love your passion..
    Hope i can make it to the TFN 2011 !

  5. kavi Says:

    Wow! A salute to all the team members. Should arrange such trips for high school & college students and even corporates. Fantastic display of strength, motivation and team spirit!

  6. punith Says:


    Inspiringggggggggg to the core.. I wud love to make it to the TFN 2011

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